Maybe its easier to describe what Blue Noyes isn’t about:
Blue Noyes is not a professional organization of any type. In fact, we pride ourselves on the lack proffessionalism.

Blue Noyes is not a non profit organization, though it is highly unlikely it will ever make any money.

It’s not a low budget operation either… It’s a no budget operation,,,,  It’s a scrape together money to buy beer type of operation.


Nothing to do with current affairs.


-Blue Noyes doesn’t necessarily support a specific religion but is very spiritual, respecting all beliefs except the wrong ones…….

Such as killing people who don’t believe what you do.

So what is Blue Noyes about?

-Blue Noyes supports everything it stands for but it also believes that in order for anything to happen the opposite must also happen so it’s important to support things you really don’t like.

I like to think of it as:

-An exhibition of sight and sound where the boundaries dissolve and the capacity to distinguish between art, reality, and  pop culture becomes distorted.

That sounds pretty lofty and kind of like a college thesis but why not?



-If the true path to ignorance is to be bombarded, inundated, and overwhelmed by information   Wisdom comes from the complete lack of making sense……That’s what Blue Noyes believes so at 5:00 am.


All songs and poems appearing on this website are written and published by Dieter George Keller and property thereof .