Many years ago, when I was young, and working my way through life in the field of Lawn and Landscape Maintenance I developed a special bond with a beautiful little bird known as the Barn Swallow.

To me barn swallows were a quick little playful bird that darted in and out of the lawnmower’s path, amusing itself and me with a friendly game of chicken.   I later realized that the lawn mower was kicking up a fresh supply of insects and the swallows were dashing about mercilessly eating them.

Regardless, I developed a special bond with the birds during countless laborious hours of riding a lawnmower on long hot Michigan summer days with nothing To do but watch them buzz around my head.  If I were an American Indian the Barn Swallow would certainly be my spirit animal.

Now fast forward to that time in Colombia when my wife was sick, fast forward to a cancer clinic in the city of Pereira, the urban hub of a region known as Colombia’s “eje cafetero”.  This was where she was from.

It was determined that she needed immediate surgery,  I promptly caught the soonest flight from Detroit.  After 18 hours and 5 planes I finally arrived.  I was so glad to see her, I hadn’t seen her in some time and even though the results of her surgery were bad news I was just happy to be with her.  I noticed there were Barn Swallows nested on the ledge, outside her fourth floor window, but I didn’t pay much attention to them, I was focused on my wife.

Time went on, the sickness progressed.  It was hard watching my beautiful, vivacious, and young wife deteriorate so quickly.  I was in a foreign country without my immediate friends or family.  But no matter how difficult it was for me, it hurt to know it was way worse for her.

I spent a lot of time in that room with her, looking out that window at the barn swallows.  I noticed that the swallows on the ledge looked just like the swallows in Michigan.

Then it hit me; they were the same birds.  The swallows from Michigan migrate to South America during the winter months.  Throughout the sickness I looked to the swallows for a relief from the stress.  And as the tumor grew I spent more and more time looking out that window at my friends the swallows.

When that fateful moment came, as difficult as it was; a terrible feeling to lose someone you love, I looked out the window and the swallows were turned toward the clinic looking back in, lined up and gently chirping, as if to say, “Don’t worry Dieter, we’ve got your back, we’re here for you.  You’re not alone.”

Sweet sweet swallow

Fly back home

We built this nest together

But I can make it alone.


Sweet sweet  swallow

I’ll never say goodbye,

I’ll be with you forever

So spread your wings and fly


I’ll fly with you wherever you are

And you’ll be with me in my heart



Sweet sweet swallow

You’ll never fly away.

I’ll be flying right by your side

The whole way


Sweet sweet swallow

Don’t be scared

Reach your wing out and touch my hand

It will always be there.



I’ll fly with you wherever you are

And you’ll be with me in my heart


Sweet sweet swallow

Fly away

Sweet sweet swallow

It’s ok… It’s ok…It’s ok


Thank you lord for these eyes that allow me to see what others overlook.

Thank you for the ears that hear sounds that others cannot comprehend.

For the tongue that lets me savor the hidden fruits of your garden.

The nose that smells the wildflowers scattered about the path.

And skin to feel the private passions of a true love.


And now I ask you, for just one moment, to take it all away

So that I can be one with you.


[featuring Keke on vocals and Motor City Josh on Guitar]


Big time loser…Acting like he lost something he never had.

Big time boozer…He’s acting happy when really he’s sad.

Big time lover…it’s been a long time since he’s been laid.

Big time spender…spends all of his time trying to get paid.


But big times can be bad times when you find yourself alone… big times… never last long.

Little sally Johnson

lived up in Wisconsin,

But she never really liked the snow,

So she packed up for Hollywood,

She thought she’d be doing good

If she could land a role in the show.

But she got rejected,

And it came so unexpected

That she took off for parts unknown


Big times can be bad times when you find yourself alone…’ big times… never last long.


And then there’s Timmy tough guy,

He walked away with a black eye..

He didn’t make it into round two

But he showed up on that night

And he put up his best fight,

That’s more than most men ever do.


Big times can be bad times when you find yourself alone… big times… never last long.


And poor Bobby Jones

He’s all skin and bones

Trying to sell his artwork at the fair.

But no one was buying

So he just quit trying,

and focused on braiding his daughter’s hair

Emily and I with her family in Quindío Colombia


Big times can be bad times when you find yourself alone…’cause big times never last long.

big times…never last long.

big times …

never last long.


[featuring Keke on vocals and Motor City Josh on Guitar]

written and published by Dieter George keller


Quiero cruzar ríos, mares, montañas, con mi espada afilada y levantada a conquistarte

Como un gran Jinete del norte

Y levantarte del sillón y cargarte a la cama para que seamos un ser de un corazón,

De un latido con un ritmo de vida.

Sin temor, sin miedo, sin aprensión.S2200016

Quitar cualquier duda de tu alma como si fuera una prenda estorbando mi pasión

y dejar esa duda tirada en el piso.

Como si no fuera nada…ya vencida.


Otra vez siento algo en mi corazón

Otra vez tengo esperanzas de

Sentir amor en mis brazos

De conocer cada aliento, cada suspiro, cada mirada,

Sea sorpresa, miedo, deseo, cariño, rabia, o amor.

He hecho errores, es cierto

En los momentos de más necesidad

Te he empujado por afuera

O te buscaba y no te encontraba.

Pero aun estas allí.

Y cualquier distancia será poquita

Te siento como si

Estuvieras sentada en el sillón

y yo en la silla


Anhelando tenerte en mis brazos haciendo el amor apasionado

Anhelando ver el éxtasis en tu cara que solamente viene de la confianza de ser amada

Anhelando ver tu cuerpo desnudo, agotado, dormido a lado del mío

Anhelando un beso húmedo y caliente después de una noche de platica y risas

Ansiando un saludo

You can’t come,

And then leave so quickly.

Surround my head with you

And let me be in yours

Then act as if it never happened.


I’m not like the others

I saw into your eyes a fire.

That was fed by mine.

That warmed us both


It was all planned

My reactions, your  disappointments.

The debilitating frustration.

You’re always a victim…

Never a contributor.


I will not leave your head.

I will come again.

And again, and again and again.

No es mi cisne

Muerta  en la calle.

Pisada por el trafico.

No es mía, es otra.

Mi musa aun vive.

Esas manchas de sangre,

Ya negras de tanto humo de carro,

Esa disorden de flechas que

Ni reflejan la belleza que fue

No son de ella.


La paso diario en mis labores

Y cada día hay menos de ella.

Hasta rostros no van a estar

Ni prueba que existió.

Pero no es mia

Yo se

Por que anoche

Me visitó