Thank you lord for these eyes that allow me to see what others overlook.

Thank you for the ears that hear sounds that others cannot comprehend.

For the tongue that lets me savor the hidden fruits of your garden.

The nose that smells the wildflowers scattered about the path.

And skin to feel the private passions of a true love.


And now I ask you, for just one moment, to take it all away

So that I can be one with you.


Quiero cruzar ríos, mares, montañas, con mi espada afilada y levantada a conquistarte

Como un gran Jinete del norte

Y levantarte del sillón y cargarte a la cama para que seamos un ser de un corazón,

De un latido con un ritmo de vida.

Sin temor, sin miedo, sin aprensión.S2200016

Quitar cualquier duda de tu alma como si fuera una prenda estorbando mi pasión

y dejar esa duda tirada en el piso.

Como si no fuera nada…ya vencida.


Otra vez siento algo en mi corazón

Otra vez tengo esperanzas de

Sentir amor en mis brazos

De conocer cada aliento, cada suspiro, cada mirada,

Sea sorpresa, miedo, deseo, cariño, rabia, o amor.

He hecho errores, es cierto

En los momentos de más necesidad

Te he empujado por afuera

O te buscaba y no te encontraba.

Pero aun estas allí.

Y cualquier distancia será poquita

Te siento como si

Estuvieras sentada en el sillón

y yo en la silla


Anhelando tenerte en mis brazos haciendo el amor apasionado

Anhelando ver el éxtasis en tu cara que solamente viene de la confianza de ser amada

Anhelando ver tu cuerpo desnudo, agotado, dormido a lado del mío

Anhelando un beso húmedo y caliente después de una noche de platica y risas

Ansiando un saludo


I stood on a mountain and looked down at the sea                                                                        I raised my my head and fell down to my knees

I prayed to the Lord to forgive me for my sins                                                                            He said “Sorry son but I think that you’ll do it again.”

So I climbed down the mountain and jumped into the sea                                                          I started drowning ‘til a mermaid rescued me.

I’ve waited my whole life to meet a girl like you.                                                                      But now that I met you I don’t know what to do

{Featuring Erin Accomando on vocals}


written and published by Dieter George keller

Sweet sweet swallow
Fly back home
We built this nest together
But I can make it alone.

Sweet sweet swallow
I’ll never say goodbye,
I’ll be with you forever
So spread your wings and fly

And I’ll fly with you wherever you are
And you’ll be with me in my heart

Sweet sweet swallow
You’ll never fly away.
I’ll be flying right by your side
The whole way

Sweet sweet swallow
Don’t be scared
Reach your wing out and touch my hand
It will always be there.

And I’ll fly with you wherever you are
And you’ll be with me in my heart

Sweet sweet swallow
Fly away
Sweet sweet swallow
It’s ok… It’s ok…It’s ok



I know a girl

She liked to get kinky

She liked to get sweaty

And she liked to get stinky

She liked to make love

In public places

She’d wear loose clothes

And make funny faces

She liked to go down

on judges and cops

But then she got busted

And she had to stop

Take me down to the river….  And wash my sins away.


I used to run

With a dangerous crowd

We liked to get drunk

And we liked to get loud

Then one day

We got out the forty=five

Man I was lucky to get out alive

I hear Tommy’s

Still on the run

It’s a big price to pay

For a little bit of fun

Take me down to the river….  And wash my sins away.


Well Billy Bob

Didn’t think twice

’bout laying down

With his neighbor’s wife

Neighbor came home

Caught him in his bead

put two bullets

In Billy Bob’s head

Now poor Billy is

Dead and gone

Never got a chance

To hear my song

Take me down to the river….  And wash my sins away.